The 2021 Ultimate SEO Guide

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SEO Basics and How to Lay Your Foundation The first rule of SEO is to understand its basics. Thankfully, doing so is simpler than it seems at first glance. It doesn’t ask you to move mountains in your SEO search process. It doesn’t need you to crack complex codes on your mobile devices. It doesn’t […]

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel for Website Conversions

While Google is certainly the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to the most used search engine for people looking for products and services they need, YouTube is a close second. People of all ages use YouTube for entertainment (who doesn’t love a good cat video?) but also educational purposes. When they are considering […]

The Untapped Power of A Video Testimonial in Online Marketing

In the modern business world, reputation is everything. If a company acquires a reputation for not responding or having a delayed response to customer inquiries or issues, they will likely lose potential clients. Those companies who gain a reputation for having quality products and/or exceptional customer service are much more likely to increase the traffic […]

The Importance of Online Authority in SEO

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Are you looking to generate more leads, have greater visibility online, and increase your return on investment (ROI)? If so, one of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to establish yourself and your business as an authority online. When people know your name and recognize your brand, they are far more likely to […]

How Long Does It Take for Google Places/My Business Listing Edits to be Updated?

One of the most important things your business can do to make sure that your potential clients can find you when searching locally for your products or services is to claim your Google places listing. At one time, your company's listing would have been called Google Places, but this has since been renamed Google My […]

Client Testimonial - Anatoliy Chistov

Anatoliy Chistov Testimonial

Good morning everyone. My name is Anatoly, I'm the owner, Family Attorney SEO and I have been working with 51blocks for multiple projects including website design, SEO, starting to do some cold email outreach. They're phenomenal. Their team is great. Michael is great, Brittany is great. I work a lot with Lisa who handles customer […]

Digital Marketing Roundup [September 2020 Edition]

Digital Marketing Roundup

51Blocks’ Monthly Digital Marketing Roundup [September 2020 Edition]   The last quarter of the year is upon us. Time for another monthly roundup that we hope isn’t going to have our Google enthusiasts biting their nails.    Google’s Massive August Glitch   Yes, we’re talking about the indexing systems glitch that took place a month […]

Digital Power Hour: What is the Importance of Content?

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Welcome to the Digital Power Hour Presented by 51Blocks!   Chris: All right, good afternoon and welcome to the digital Power Hour again presented by 51 blocks. Joined here is myself, Chris and also jack. Hey jack, how's it going? Jack: Hey, what's going on? Chris: Welcome back, ready for another rip roaring, digital marketing […]

XML Schema vs. JSON Schema: What to Use?

XML Schema vs. JSON Schema Markup: What to Use? When you are designing and developing a new website, it is important that you use the proper schema markup to display the right content, information, and microdata to the search engines as well as your potential clients in the results. Using schema will allow the search […]

Webinar Replay : How To Be Authoritative Online In 2020

  TRANSCRIPTION: All right, so today's webinar, it's our first webinar ever. So yeah, I'm sure we'll look back on this in about a year when we've done a lot of these and be like, what were we doing, but that's how you got to start is just do it first. Right? So today we're […]